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Free Scottish Terrier Puppy Training Class

  An early start in training your Scottish Terrier Puppy could help your puppy grow accustomed to obedience, but consistency while he's growing will benefit the both of you as he grows into an older dog.


It's especially important with Scottish Terriers that they receive proper training from an early age.

We have partnered with pupford to bring you this free puppy training class to give you the best start with having a well behaved new puppy.

Scan the QR code or click the button below to start.

When purchasing your training treats,



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What You'll Get


Free! (No Card Required)

◦ Unlimited access to all course materials available within the app and website, forever

◦ Solutions in your pocket at all times with the Pupford App, plus track behavior progress

◦ Review course material at any time and from anywhere with internet


In-Depth Videos & eBook

◦ Guided videos for all new skills and behaviors (ie: sit, down, stay, leash basics, crate training, and more)

◦ Daily tips and guidance via email and on each day's page

◦ A comprehensive eBook guide outlining all skills and tactics for training your new Scottie puppy.


Class Focuses

◦ Leave it & look at me (focus behaviors)

◦ Lure training like sit, down, and up

◦ Potty and crate training

◦ Leash walking manners

◦ Overcoming biting & chewing

◦ Plus more behaviors!

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