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Schulte Scottish Terriers


We are a family-based AKC Scottish Terrier breeder dedicated to a continuous effort to obtain exceptional Scotties while maintaining and preserving the integrity of the Scottish Terrier breed. 

We love and have a passion for the Scottish Terrier breed & have been privileged to have been breeding them for close to twenty years.

Our Scotties are raised on beautiful Peck Mountain on 19 acres with a two acre lake.
Plenty of space for our Scotties to run and enjoy the outdoors.



  We strive to produce quality puppies that meet the Scottish Terrier breed standard, conformation, health, and temperament!

 We are focused on preserving all of the unique hallmarks of this beautiful breed.

  We love and embrace their extreme friendliness, gentleness, stubbornness, and spit fire temperaments. 


Our Scottish Terriers are very versatile, which makes them perfect family pets. We are truly blessed to be able to breed such beautiful dogs.

  We hope you can find your next companion/family member here at Schulte Scottish Terriers.

-Michael & Robbin Schulte

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