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Schulte Scottish Terriers

A Little About Us

We are a family-operated Scottish Terrier breeding kennel with a profound fondness and passion for the Scottish Terrier breed. Our principal aim is to selectively breed top-quality Scotties while preserving the essential characteristics of the Scottish Terrier breed. For almost two decades, we have been breeding Scotties and reside on a 19-acre expanse of spectacular land situated on Peck Mountain, which includes a two-acre lake. Our Scotties have ample space to exercise and enjoy the great outdoors.

Our Location Google Maps Click Here:   51 Peck Mountain Rd Eva Al 35621

Robbin, the resident Scottie Mom, and Jasmine our fifteen-year-old daughter provides round-the-clock care for the Scotties.

Michael, a retired Senior Chief from the Navy, who has served on four submarines, two nuclear power training commands and currently holds a managerial position at the local power plant, overseeing two departments while still helping with all aspects of our breeding program on the weekends.

Schultes Property.jpg

Our objective is to breed Scottish Terrier puppies of exceptional quality that conform to the breed standard in terms of conformation, health, and temperament. In order to achieve this, we have integrated CH. European lines into the already limited gene pool of American Scottish Terriers.

Our primary focus is on preserving all of the distinctive characteristics of this exquisite breed. We admire and cherish their amiable and gentle nature, their obstinacy, and their fiery dispositions. By ensuring that our breeding practices adhere to established standards, we are able to maintain the integrity of the breed and produce top-quality puppies for family homes.


Our Scottish Terriers are very versatile, which makes them perfect family pets. We are truly blessed to be able to breed such beautiful dogs.

  We hope you can find your next companion/family member here at Schulte Scottish Terriers.

-Michael & Robbin Schulte

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