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A Few Ways you can pay A Deposit

  If you're ready to place a deposit on a future puppy or a puppy that has just arrived, you may do so by following any of the steps below. After your deposit goes through, you will receive a confirmation email with a payment receipt and additional steps to take. 

Additionally, you will be asked to sign up on the website if you haven't done so already.

But, before sending us a deposit, please give us a quick phone call first so that we can get to know you and provide you with the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

litter of scottish terrier puppies hanging on a clothesline -

You can Pay by clicking on this button

Pay By Scanning the qr Code. 

payment QR code for the website payment

Open your camera on your phone and hold it over the code . A link will appear. Click on link.

 You can also go to the available Puppies page and click the button below the puppy thats currently available .

 You may also pay your deposit by mailing us a check or money order to:

Michael Schulte

51 Peck Mountain Rd Eva Al, 35621


NOTE: We will hold your puppy for you for a few days while waiting on your deposit to arrive via mail, however we cannot hold it forever. Please notify us THE DAY you put it in the mail.

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