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How to Place A Deposit

  If you're ready to place a deposit on a future puppy or a puppy that has just arrived, you may do so below. 

But, before sending us a deposit, please give us a quick phone call so that we can get to know you and provide you with the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.


Our deposit policy: 

Non-Refundable Deposit:


1.Buyer acknowledges that the Deposit is non-refundable in all circumstances, including but not limited to if Buyer decides s/he does not want or is no longer able to take a current or future puppy.


Upon receipt of the Deposit, Breeder agrees to hold the buyers spot in line for a future puppy or hold a current puppy for Buyer until it has been weaned and is ready for pick up.

2. Buyer Acknowledgments: Buyer further acknowledges and agrees that

(a) Breeder cannot control litter sizes and that the wait time for puppies can be longer than expected; and that no certain time frame for their puppy arrival is promised or guaranteed.

(b) The deposit gives Buyer a “pick” place, but does not guarantee a puppy during a certain time frame or that Buyer's preferences will be available when it is Buyer's turn to pick once a new litter is born; and the Buyer is willing to wait for up to a year until breeder can provide them with a puppy of their preference.

(c) pick places are given on a first come first served basis and Buyer's place in line is not negotiable;

3. Buyer's Right to Transfer/Refund:

Notwithstanding the foregoing,

(a) If a puppy that meets Buyer's identified preferences is available when it becomes Buyer's turn to pick a puppy from the selected litter ( normally around four weeks of age ), Buyer may elect to have the deposit roll over to the next litter (for up to one year) and will be placed at the bottom of the pick list for the next anticipated litter.

(b) Once the buyer has chosen or accepted a puppy from a litter the deposit cannot be rolled over to future litters.

(c) Breeder cannot and does not guarantee any specific color qualities of the puppy as it grows and when it becomes an adult.


4. If Breeder can not produce a puppy of sellers preference (color and sex) within one year of the buyers deposit placement. Breeder will refund seller's deposit.

  • The final placement fee is to be paid in cash during the pick-up of your puppy. -

  • We reserve the right to return your deposit if we believe that you are not a suitable match for one of our puppies, or if we are unable to provide you with a puppy of your choice within a reasonable time frame.

  • Please Note: ***Dogs may change color naturally as they mature due to many factors such as genetics, hair type, losing puppy fur and changing to the adult coat, pigmentation, hormonal changes, seasonal changes, shaving, etc. Color changes are expected and can occur quickly and at any time. We cannot guarantee a dog’s permanent coat color for these reasons.

litter of scottish terrier puppies hanging on a clothesline -

To place a deposit, first send us your information by filling out our form.

Once completed you will receive a confirmation email with a payment link to send us a deposit.

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